TTMM - Tujh Tu Majh Mi Marathi Movie Review

Movie: TTMM – Tujh Tu Majha Mi
Rating: ★★★
Genres: Drama
Censor: U/A
Duration: 124 min.
Studio/presenter: 200 ures
Producer(s): Dr. Santosh Uttam Sawane
Director: Kuldip Jadhav
Cinematography (DOP):  Mayur Hardas
Story / Screenplay: Tejpal Wagh
Music: Pankanj Padghan
Cast: : Lalit Prabhakar, Neha Mahajan, Vidyadhar Joshi, Savita Prabhune, Satish Pulekar, Seema Deshmukh, Sagar Karande, Bharat Ganeshpure

It seems that now a days modern Marathi film makers have set a new trend of ‘youngsters getting confused, when it actually comes to marriage’. In short, it is all about their mindset in understanding marriage.  So, after ‘Chi Va Sou Ka‘ and ‘Muramba‘, we find another Marathi film ‘Tujha Tu Majha Mi’ (TTMM) presenting a young couple, confused about the term ‘marriage’. While Jay (Lalit Prabhakar) a young man from a rich family runs away from his house, because his parents feel that it is right time for their son to marry a girl known to him and his family, Rajashri (Neha Mahajan)  a girl from a middle class family also runs away from her house, as her demanding mother wants her to marry a boy, whom she feels is suitable to her daughter, who is already overdue for marriage.

So, the destination for all such youngsters being Goa, both of them coincidentally board the same bus bound for Goa. They occupy seats next to each other only to fight over petty things and finally start liking each other, following the traditional formula of films based on love stories. Only difference is that this couple agree with mutual consent to marry each other, to escape their arrest by a Police Officer ( Bharat Ganeshpure). Being convinced that they are true lovers and treating Rajashri has his sister, the Police Officer being more than generous, offers the couple four day honeymoon package,  inclusive of an escort. Both spend good time with each other, only to be traced by their parents. Having come to know about their marriage, Jay’s parents welcome Rajashri to their house. But, the film’s story takes a new twist, to show their separation. Finally, the film concludes with a predictable climax.

Good thing about this film is its music by Pankaj Padghan provided for few songs played in the background. Also, wonderful cinematography by Mayur Hardas adds that extra flavor to this film. But, in the role of editor of this film, he has created some confusion, with sudden shift of scenes, taxing the audience. Also, inclusion of the character of Sagar ( a small time cable operator and an eve teaser) played by Sagar karande fails to convince, as Rajashri is shown cheating him with a promise for marriage first and later agreeing to marry him, after separating from Jay. This certainly does not send a good message. The director has however presented some emotion filled scenes very well, particularly the one with Vidyadhar Joshi and Lalit Prabhakar in the second half of the film.

Nevertheless, the performances by lead pair are good. Neha Mahajan in particular , is very impressive. Good support comes from Vidyadhar Joshi, Savita Prabhune, Satish Pulekar, Seema Deshmukh, Bharat Ganeshpure and others. Among them, Bharat Ganeshpure through his limited role of a Police Officer offers some humour. Kadambari Kadam is seen after a long time in guest appearance.

All in all, ‘TTMM – Tujha Tu Majha Mi’ offers light entertainment and is targeted at youngsters. The film does send across a message for youngsters, i.e. to understand the value of marriage. However, it could have been still better, if it was presented with convincing theme.

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