Lal Ishq Marathi Movie Review

REVIEW: A film titled ‘Laal Ishq’ brings about an idea of a love story in one’s mind but this film is a little more than just that. A rather apt phrase would be romantic thriller. The film does some justice to this phrase but it doesn’t live up to the viewers’ expectations of grandeur and beautiful songs identifiable with a Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s production.

A superstar named Yash Patwardhan agrees to be a part of his mentor’s play out of respect. For the rehearsals, the entire team of the play comes to stay at a resort. This is where Yash meets Janhavi and falls in love with her. While their romance blossoms, the resort witnesses the murder of the play director Poddar (Wadkar). An investigation ensues at the hands of cops Randive and Nandini who consider Yash and Janhavi as the main suspects. As the case unfolds, lots of hidden truths surface.

Swwapnil Joshi Laal Ishq

This is a classic whodunit story with romance weaved into it. While the plot is engaging towards the latter half, it is the first half that needed much refining. Add to this the wrongly-placed songs and you have a film that could’ve an edge of the seat thriller. Laal Ishq picks up space only after the interval but by that time, the damage has been done.

Swwapnil Joshi Ankita Laal Ishq

Swwapnil manages to break his conventional lover-boy image and delivers a balanced performance. His chemistry with Anjana is a treat to watch. Anjana, on her part, delivers in her debut Marathi film. Piyush Ranade and Wadkar stand out in a silm that’s entirely Swwapnil and Anjana’s.

‘Laal Ishq’ is a one-time watch. The performances from all actors are worth appreciating. Had it been weaved in a better way, minus the songs and oh-so-cheesy dialogues, this was one film that would’ve scored well at the BO.

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