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Friday, 18 September 2015

Rahul Roy launched first look and music of “Mohar”

Rahul Roy launched first look and music of “Mohar”

Aashiqui-star Rahul Roy launched the first look and music for the Vijay Patkar directed Mohar at a grand function recently. The film is produced by Chandrakant Pandharinath Pawar, Sangeeta Gautam Saatdive and supported by Gurunath Mithbavkar, Ashish Raje of Leap Enterprises.
The film revolves around a love story between Taynu and Nivrutti and their small happy family with two children. What happens when a whirlwind typhoon strikes Nivrutti, what problems he face will be crux of the film.
The film stars Sayaji Shinde, Aditi Sarangdhar and Prasad Oak in the lead roles along with Vijay Kadam, Hemlata Bane, and child stars Prajakta Jagtap and Chaitanya Ghadge. Story is written by Rekha Surendra Jagtap and screenplay and dialogues are by Deepak Bhagwat . Milind More has composed the songs
The film releases on October 9 all over.


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