Gurukul (2015)

Movie : Gurukul (2015)
Producer : Rommel Rodrigues
Directer : Rommel Rodrigues
Studio : A Nuts N Bolts Production
Star Cast : Nagesh Bhosle, Vidyadhar Joshi,
Asit Redij, Prashant Mohite, Pradeep Kuwar,
Swapnil Joshi, Sonali Shewale, Neha Khan,
Reenna Liman
Story, Screenplay : Rommel Rodrigues
Music : Sanjayraj Gaurinandan
Singers : Asha Bhosale, Suresh Wadkar,
Sachin Pilgaonkar and Dr.Neha Rajpal
DOP : Triloki Chaudhary
Associate Producer : Ajay Singh
Genre : Drama
Release Date : 7th August 2015
Plot : Gurukul is a story of an upright
educationalist Nansaheb Vishwanath Gokhale,
fondly called as Guruji (played by Nagesh
Bhosle) who is the founder and head of Gurukul
University. As a teacher Guruji is different from
others and deals with the students in a gentle
and tolerant manner. He believes along with
professional education, students should put
emphasis on moral and social values of life.
Reflecting the politicisation of education
institutions in India, Gurukul is fraudulently
grabbed by a local politician Girish Bhao
Velangekar (played by Vidyadhar Joshi),
saddened by which Guruji leaves for unknown
destination. The story shows the quest of the 6
former students who are now married couple to
search, fight and restore the glory of Gurukul’s
former head Guruji, where in the end climax his
moral greatness is reflected.

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